Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Time for another quick garage update. The roof is now finished and the window and door frames are in, no glass in them yet. The pit has had the concrete base layed and the builders are building up the blocks for the pit sides today. I've also ordered the garage doors, roller doors to give me as much head room as possible. Oh and I've pushed the boat out and gone for automatic doors...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Just a quick update on the new garage. All the walls are up, the steel RSJ's are inplace, all the roof timber is in possision and even the flat section of the roof is water tight. Inside the pit is dug out and needs to be blocked and rendered before the floor can go down.

One bit of bad news is that the building inspector has told us that our drive is too high. The block are above the damp proof corse of the house. So a slamming of the drive will be required. Never mind it will give me more head hight through the doors.

I have also been having lots of silly thoughts about restoring a Kubal lately - must have been the trip to the War & Peace Show with Zwitter that got those thoughts going again...

Saturday, June 26, 2004

So it's started. This week saw the builders move in to start on our extenton and most importantly a new big double garage. I took a week off to clear the site, which ment knocking down the last remaining garage and breaking up the two bases. The first base broke up nice and easy, the second was a right pig. Whoever layed it did a rather good job, it took me and my dad two days to break it all up.

Anyway, our house has a nice new roof on it and the builders will be back on Monday to dig the foundations and the pit...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

JAP - the sunroof '75 so kindly given to my by Sparky is now officially 'on the road'. Thanks to Footman James Insurance, who added it to my policy for a mere £26 and a trouble-free MOT, I'm now cruising to work in it every day, the original 1200 engine, now back where it belongs. It must be the first case of anyone fitting a 1200 to make a bug 'go faster'!

Already I'm enjoying my daily dice with the morning traffic - driving something resembling an army vehicle - gloriously tatty in 'gunmetal grey' means not worrying about other road users - they've all got more to lose than me! And when the sun shines - the rag top comes open and hey prestage - it's like having a convertible!

Thanks Sparky - and Thanks Derk and Ant, who kindly let me keep JAP on their driveways for the best part of nine months!

Keep watching your mirrors!


Monday, May 31, 2004

Another weekend and more time spent tinkering with the Double Cab. I've now set the timing with a strobe light, it's amazing quite how far out I was setting it by ear :)

With that done it was time to change the oil. What came out didn't look that old, but better to change it. Whoever changed it last time must have used a whole tube of Harlomile to seal the sump plate, it was everywhere. It took me nearly an hour to claen everything up before putting it all back togeather.

Took the Bus out for a little run and found that at low revs there wasn't much go, but as the revs increased everything was OK. I think I will have to check the timing again - maybe retard it a little.

Anyway next weekend we are all of to Stanford hall, hopefully with out any problems.

Monday, May 24, 2004

So a nice sunny weekend and I've been out working on my Double Cab. I've repalced the ropey fuse box and made all the connections better. I must say once the old one was out it almost fell apart in my hands. I was lucky enough to have my Dad on hand to help me, as I'm not that confident with auto electrics. Anyway it's all working fine now.
I also thought it better to swap the stock dizzy for a 009. Which I've had to time by ear for the moment, untill I can get my hands on a timing light next weekend, but as I won't be driving it this week I'm not to worried.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Well I did go off to Big bang on Friday, during a dry spell and met up with Andy on they way. The Bus behaved itself, well atleast untill we got past Olney. It then decided to cut out on me. Only the horn was working, so obviously an electrical problem. Zwitter happened to be pass and stopped to join in the fault finding. I decided to call the AA to get me to the pod where I could fix it. As soon as I put the phone down Andy found the fault and the bus was running again. So cancel the AA and carry on to the Pod.

Friday night was nicely chilled, Scott and Hellen joined us and as darkness fell is was nice to be back at the Pod once more. I decided to sleep on the back seat of the Double Cab, which was actually quite comfortable - even if I couldn't stretch out fully.

Saturday was wet, very wet. Spent most of the day hanging round the pits pondering new ways to keep the track dry, or dry it quicker. We did get to se some racing late afternoon/early evening. With everybody now safely set up in our club camping spot we all had another pretty chilled evening.

Sunday and the weather was so much better. Warm enough for T-shirts and racing - a full day of racing. VWDRC were out in force and so were the Swedish visitors. A very entertaining day with the only casulty being the Jacksons engine, now in two pieces after what I believe the crank broke.

Sunday evening and it was of to the bar for plenty of reminising with old skool tunes from the likes of ***ed*** and Samba Ben. Certanly a lot of dancing was going on. Later we visited various parties in the pits.

Monday bought more rain, lots more rain. By 11 we had decided to leave, so everything was thowen into the Bus and the journey home began. The Bus only made it as far as the M1/M25 junction before finaly giving up with electrical problems. I don't think the amount of water in the cab helped either. So it was up to the AA to take me and the Bus on our final leg. The patrol that turned up was a great bloke who knew what he was doing. Finally home and time to dry the Bus out and put it away while I decide how to attack the electrics.

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